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"Coffee Talk"

The members will gather each morning and discuss with their peers and staff "hot topics", upcoming personal and community events as well as the current date, season, and weather. A quick check of the date and weather conditions will help reinforce functional skills such as  appropriate dress for weather conditions and anticipating upcoming holidays or special events.

"Movie Critique"

Members will select a movie of the week to be watched in daily segments. Daily discussion of major characters will be reviewed as well as the plot. Each Friday the title of the weeks' movie will be added to the "Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down" Score Board. This activity will assist in strengthening decision making, discussions in a group, and personal choices. 

"Artwork and Crafts"

Members will create artwork and crafts as a form of "art therapy".  The art projects will include the use of watercolors, recylcled materials, fabrics, beads, canvas and fabric painting, etc.  Each project will assist the participant with their fine motor skills as well as just being creative, exhibiting self expression and choice making.


Members will participate in weekly horticulture activities.  They will learn about various plants and how to take care of them as well as benefit from a sense of self-satisfaction, physical activity, sensory stimulation, social interaction, and skilled development.  Horticulture will be beneficial to the clients and promote intellectual, physical , mental and emotional well-being.


Members will learn about proper nutrition and healthy living through the use of engaging and interactive activities with the use of visual aids, hands on activities such as measuring, mixing, tasting, etc.  The nutrition lessons will be broken down into simple concrete lessons which will be carried out one direction at a time.  All will be given multiple opportunities to practice their skill and be taught in real life settings.  This class activity will increase ones' knowledge of proper nutrition and creating a balanced meal/snack.  Members will choose a recipe activity and work together as a group.  It also will serve as a way to try new foods and determine ones' preferences.


The members will increase their level of daily activity through fun, innovating and engaging opportunities through the use of instructional videos, cues, chair exercises, marching, walking, balance and stretching activities.  This class will increase their overall quality of life through the use of flexibility, endurance and self efficiency.


The members will learn about various types and genres of dance and music.  The stimulation and physical activity from this class will help to gain their focus and attention as well as stimulate their speech, vocal sounds and muscle awareness.  This class is packed with fun!  It encourages social participation, positive interactions as well as self-style.

"Holiday Celebrations"

During the appropriate times of the year the members will be reminded of various Holidays, their origin, how they are celebrated, why and who celebrates them.  Fun and interactive activities will be done after the lessons.  We will also include a "NATIONAL DAY" which is a creative, fun way to celebrate silly things such as Peanut Butter  and Jelly Day, Groundhog Day, National Hug Day, etc.  This class is used for celebrating and having fun with friends.

"Spa Time/Spa Treartment"

This class includes FUN and PAMPERING such as manicures, pedicures and hairstyling.  The importance of personal hygiene will also be discussed and reviewed in order for one to maintain their daily routine.  This class will reinforce the members respect for themselves, promote well-being and confidence as well as independence.

"Community Activities"

Members will have the opportunity to go out into the community to participate in positive, social interactions that will build confidence, independence, friendships, happiness as well as a sense of belonging.  The outings will include but not limited to: sporting events, local community events, walks, park visits/picnics, library visits, restaurant/diner visits which will help in decision making by ordering from the menu and an understanding of the exchange of money by paying the bill.

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